Succulent Gift Box



Surprise someone with this beautiful gift box, they are the perfect gift for succulent lovers, a special person in your life or even as a nice treat for yourself! These beautifully packaged succulents will be a gift that continues giving for years to come.

The mix is made up of rosette style succulents that are in season and looking great. The succulents are in individual pots, which are 50mm in diameter and 70mm in height (not including plants). Plants come fully established in their pots.

Succulent gift box includes the following:

  • 16 rosette style succulents wrapped in a gift box
  • Succulents are in individual pots 50mm in diameter and 70mm in height (not including plants).
  • Each box contains a variety of Echeveria, Sempervivums Sedum, Graptoveria and Graptopetalum, Graptosedum, Sedeveria
  • All 16 plants will be of different species – no duplicates
  • Gift card (if needed)
  • Care instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE: Succulent are sun lovers and the succulents in the gift box have been grown in full sun. On receiving the gift box please remove the lid and place in a sunny location, you can then close the lid again if this is being gifted to another person at a later date.

PLEASE NOTE: Pictured Gift Box is an example only, you will receive a gift box, with similar plants. Plants vary from season to season, and each gift box varies in succulent selection. But rest assured we only deliver quality gifts of exceptional standards.