Prism Terrarium


26cm (h) x 13cm (w)


This contemporary and geometric shape make this suspended terrarium the perfect piece to display at home or in the office. We have especially designed this terrarium with a flat base so you can hang or sit your little living garden anywhere you like inside a brightly lit room.

Designed with low light succulents our terrariums are so easy to care for, even for a brown thumb, they key is not to over-water them. Unlike cut flowers, terrariums can look great for months, even years. Our Prism Terrariums only need water every fortnight of so.

All of our products are handmade to order, each terrarium comes gift boxed with a handwritten gift card if you need one. All our products are hand delivered and come with easy to follow care instructions to keep your terrarium thriving for months if not years to come.


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