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Perth Succulent Bowls are as individual as you are. No two bowls are ever the same as the plants in our beautiful country are so very unique. This means that your bowl will never look like anyone else’s. The photos on our website are a pretty accurate indication of what you will be getting, but it will never be a carbon copy of the product. While we will strive to get you what you want, there will be some small variations in what we can offer.

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Black Pressed Metal

Red Bamboo

Black Bamboo

White Bamboo

Concrete White Dipped Large

Concrete White Dipped Medium

Concrete White Dipped Small

Concrete Black Dipped

Tall Concrete Bowl

Square Concrete Cube

Terrariums Large

Terrariums Small

Bird Cage

Mixed Boxes

Wooden Crate Large

Wooden Crate Medium

Wooden Crate Small

White Terrazzo