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This can be tricky to answer... it is depended on several factors: your bowls' location, how big it is and how much sun it receives. This question is answered in more detail in our care section.

To avoid water marks on furniture it is best to water your succulent bowl in the sink or hose it down on the lawn - wait a few hours for any excess water to drain out then return the bowl for admiring on display.

Many succulents can be grown in full sun however we recommend moving your bowl to suit its needs. Succulents in small bowls with delicate small leaves may burn during Perth's extreme summers. We recommend you place your succulent bowl in a position with morning sun, filtered all day sun or direct afternoon sun for 1 - 2 hours. For bigger bowls that cannot be moved increase your watering frequency (up to daily in the peak of Dec - Feb) and watch the leaves closely - if they start to burn shelter them with an umbrella or shade cloth. They may need a few summers to adjust to Perth's hot temperatures - but they will survive and thrive if you nurture them through their first summers.

Yes, though you need to make sure it is getting adequate natural light. Placing your bowl next to a window is the best option. You can also move them around the house to have them on display for a few days and then return them outside for some vitamin D and recovery time. Be careful not to over water your indoor succulent bowl and don't allow it to sit in a saucer of water.

Your succulent bowl will be happy for many many months, and in some cases, years; depending on the size of the bowl, position, watering and fertilising. Like any other contained plant, it may eventually outgrow its container, or fail if not cared for properly. If you feel like a change or your plant outgrows the bowl, for best results contact us for rehab (that's right rehab!!) and we'll return your bowl looking brand new once again.

Succulents have seasons and we rely on growers and what they are producing. We will only deliver a quality gift. There may be instances where plant substitutions may be necessary. Customers can be assured that in these instances the gift delivered will closely resemble the one featured on our website.

Yes we do, just mention in the comment when ordering what you'd like it to say.

This shouldn't happen – unless you starve the plant from sunlight (keeping indoors) or kill it with kindness (overwatering). If you have any concerns regarding the health of your succulent bowl when you receive it please contact us immediately so we can assist.

Yes, every succulent bowl comes with easy to follow care instructions to keep them lasting longer and looking great all year round.

If your succulent has small fluffy cotton balls on its leaves and stems, then chances are you have mealy bug. Mealy bug is a sucking insect which will distort growth and in worst cases possibly kill your succulents. It is best treated with a pest oil or pesticide.

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We love a good party and we know how floral displays can make a table setting standout from the crowd. We can supply succulent table centre pieces, succulent bouquets and succulent wedding favours for your lucky guests to take home. Contact us for more information.
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